Service Management

Service Management

Service Management
Your equipment simply has to work. No one understands that better than we do. Flash has chosen a transparent way of working, which is why we developed the Service Management Tool for the uniform registration and settlement of all your service requests. The number, type and status of the notifications are completely accessible via periodic reports.

Signalling trends

In the Service Management Tool, all service calls, such as malfunctions, repairs and maintenance, are recorded in the same way. Our engineers are managed centrally and uniformly via automated work orders and you can clearly see how often a particular malfunction arises and what is causing it. By signalling such trends, it is possible to promptly adapt the number of maintenance rounds, the use or even the replacement of two-way radios.

Digital work orders

By using the mobile app, our engineers are better informed when they get to work at your site. Your service call is forwarded to the engineer’s mobile app. Using his tablet, the engineer can see exactly what is involved and what equipment he will need. The engineer comes to you on site fully prepared and can solve the problem faster. As soon as the service call has been dealt with, the work order appears on the app. You add your digital signature and a copy is forwarded to the email address you provide.


When it comes to service, we want to be as transparent as possible. You can access the Service Management Tool online through the customer portal. You have access to all work orders and you are always aware of the current status of a malfunction, a repair or maintenance. In addition to keeping track of your messages, it is also possible to analyse information. We provide you with periodic reports, so that you have all the management information you need. You know exactly what is being done with your equipment and have more control over the use and maintenance of your fleet.

  • Unique flexibility. 
  • We handle all your concerns. 
  • Intensive cooperation. 

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Flash’s Full-Service Concept

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