PtT apps - Direct and smooth group communication

Push-to-Talk gives you the option of immediate voice communication. This technology is ideal for (medium to) large organisations whose mobile employees work in teams in a time-critical operation and where fast communication without geographic limitations is key to achieving an optimal operating result.

Push-to-Talk works via a mobile application which enables users to easily communicate with each other in groups. This is a major advantage, particularly during a crisis, disaster or major event. You do not need your own radio infrastructure, you have no geographic limitations and you can use your own smartphones with your own data plans. Moreover, you can programme in a nearly unlimited number of groups. The speech is of excellent quality, digitally coded and cannot be eavesdropped.

  • Optimal security through fast connection times and group communication. 
  • Always reachable because there are no geographic limitations. 
  • Inexpensive because of the use of own hardware.

Related cases

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. Discover how Push-to-Talk helps our customers achieve their goals.

Added values 

Push-to-Talk apps provide added value in the area of cost saving, reachability and safety. 


Push-to-Talk is suitable for (medium to) large organisations from various sectors. 

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