PAGING - Direct and unambiguous information

According to POCSAG protocol, the most reliable way to wirelessly and unambiguously transmit a message is paging. This application enables a message to be sent to people or groups, manually or in a fully automated way. Because paging is mainly based on one-way radio communication traffic, it offers the greatest guarantee that a message will actually arrive.

The concept of a paging system is simple; information from various sources (PC application, ESPA 444 signal from the fire alarm centre, email message, alarm button, external contact, etc.) is translated by the system (POCSAG transmitter) in a text message and sent to a POCSAG receiver (beeper).


In contrast to all kinds of individual protocols from various manufacturers, POCSAG is a global standard in the area of paging. This enables the equipment from various suppliers to be combined to a customised solution for every user. By using pagers, your employees will be directly and unambiguously informed in the event of a disaster. 

  • Efficient business processes thanks to unambiguous and direct information. 
  • Always reachable thanks to one-way radio communication.

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Added values 

Paging contributes to more efficient business processes and 24/7 reachability. 


Organizations from various industries use paging. 

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