Online Klantenportal

Online Customer Portal

Online Customer Portal
Do you want to check your contracts, know which two-way radios are being used where, what maintenance is in the pipeline and make service requests online? All this is possible through the Online Customer Portal. Here, you will find everything you want to know, clearly organised.

Contract management

Everything about your rental and service contracts is stored centrally in our real-time management system. It makes your contract management simple. You can view your contracts and you have a clear overview of the equipment that you have in-house, per contract. You can also organise email notifications based on contract expiry date, for instance.


It is just as important to know what maintenance will be carried out, and when. The online customer portal is connected to our Service Management Tool. This means that you can view all work orders and you are always aware of the current status of a malfunction, repair or maintenance. You can also log new service calls online.

Digital processing

Everything from service calls to invoicing is processed completely digitally. As soon as a service call has been dealt with, the work order appears in the online customer portal. There you will find all the details of the service request involved. Handy if you want to check the invoice, for instance.

Customer-specific fields

You can set up your own fields in the online customer portal. For instance, you can add the names of your employees or define specific cost centres. Let us know what you would like, so that we can completely tailor the portal to your preferences.

Personal selection list

Do you need extra equipment? The online customer portal will help you order it. Using your personal top-10 selection list, you can quickly order the right type of two-way radio or accessory. A pre-selection menu ensures that you rent exactly the same equipment that you already have on contract. This also applies to accessories.

User permissions

Various people within your organisation can access the customer portal. Would you like colleagues to be able to quickly report a malfunction without their also seeing the contract information? Or does your admin department need to be able to check invoices without your input? By assigning various authorisations, the customer portal gives you all the flexibility you need. 

  • Unique flexibility. 
  • We handle all your concerns. 
  • Intensive cooperation. 
  • Efficient business processes.

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