NEXEDGE - Ideal for greater distances

As is the case for DMR, NEXEDGE provides two channels per frequency and gives the user twice the capacity of an analogue system. The advantage of this technology is that both channels can be accessed separately and without a repeater. And in many cases, the distance that can be bridged is greater compared to DMR.

NEXEDGE is well-suited for companies wishing to make the transition to digital but who consider TETRA {LINK TO: TETRA} a step too far. NEXEDGE provides an extremely good price-performance ratio and is commercially viable from 20 two-way radio users. 

Modularly expandable

NEXEDGE is designed as a fully modular system. This means it can be fully adjusted to the current needs of your organisation, while taking account of future wishes. You can even continue using your analogue equipment in combination with NEXEDGE, because a NEXEDGE channel can be divided between analogue and digital users. 

  • Inexpensive. 
  • Unique flexibility. 
  • Always reachable thanks to long-range distance. 

Related cases

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. Discover how NEXEDGE helps our customers achieve their goals.

Added values 

NEXEDGE offers added value in the area of reachability and cost-efficiency. 


NEXEDGE is suitable for organisations from various sectors. 

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For more information, download the  leaflet on Kenwood NEXEDGE.