Modulaire Servicevormen

Modular Forms of Service

Modular Forms of Service
Our services are divided into various modules, so you can choose how we can best take on your concerns. Do you prefer ad hoc service? That can be arranged. Would you like Flash to deliver and collect your equipment? We will see to it. Replacement equipment in case of repair, or not? You decide. Flash Private Mobile Networks always offers a customised approach that perfectly fits your requirements.

Total Care Plus

Choosing for Total Care Plus? Then you are choosing for the convenience of having service and maintenance completely outsourced to us. With fixed price agreements, fixed response times and a collection and delivery service, you know exactly where you stand. If you like, replacement equipment can also be arranged.

Ad Hoc

Do you prefer repair on an ad hoc basis? That can be arranged. This is no-obligation repair, but even so Flash is ready 24/7 to serve you.

Total Care

With Total Care, you can enjoy all the advantages of Total Care Plus, except for replacement equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

Flash carries out on-site, periodic preventive maintenance for your central system components and the two-way radios. With this form of service, you are choosing for scheduled maintenance. This means not only extended equipment life, but also the certainty that it will always be in optimal condition.

Response Service

Do you want to be sure of the response time after reporting a malfunction? With this type of service, we guarantee that we will be on-site within four hours to resolve your malfunction. Every day of the week, 24 hours a day.


The Customised Service contract allows you to determine exactly what the service includes. This might be, for instance, an adapted contract period, specific service conditions, desired back-up guarantees for your communications system, and so forth.

On Site

Would you prefer to have an engineer on site once a week or once a month? If so, choose our On Site service. You determine the day, or part thereof, that the engineer will come by. You can also specify your priorities with respect to the service activities. 

Temporary Rental

With Flash you can hire for a longer period, but also just temporarily. Flash’s rental fleet comprises 25,000 (ATEX) two-way radios and various (mobile) network solutions. Temporary Rental offers you all the advantages of the Total Care Plus concept, with use of equipment from our rental fleet.

Collection and Delivery Service

Would you like your two-way radios repaired without having to send them off or bring them in? Then use the Flash Collection and Delivery Service. Fast and easy.

Battery Replacement

If you choose for the Battery Replacement option, batteries will be replaced every two years without you having to worry about it. You have the guarantee that the batteries comply with the correct specifications. We will dispose of the old batteries in an environmentally-friendly way via STIBAT. 


Depending on your wishes, we can prepare reports and discuss them with you. This means a clear overview of the service offered, the costs, the trends and possible improvements. Together with you, we examine ways to further optimise our service.

  • Unique flexibility. 
  • We handle all your concerns. 
  • Intensive cooperation. 

Flash’s Full-Service Concept

We provide a customised service, meaning that you choose the components from our Full-Service Concept that suit you best at that time. In addition to Modular Forms of Service, our Full-Service Concept includes: 

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