LTE - Mobile data releasing

Private LTE offers a solution for any company where the mobile releasing of data is essential in order to function, or where the safety of employees is a priority. Flash Private Mobile Networks has the knowledge to fully align an LTE network in a simple way to the wishes and requirements of your organisation.

Every organisation needs a reliable (data) communication network. LTE, also referred to as 4G, is the solution in the event of disasters, planned or unplanned events, or for organisations where the mobile releasing of data is essential to the functioning of the company. 

LTE guarantees the perfect unlocking of high-speed data, voice and messages. Thanks to the simple architecture and countless possibilities of LTE, we can offer many different solutions and applications. Examples include data applications such as live video streaming, Machine-to-Machine (over IP) and messaging. In addition, voice applications via VOIP are among the possibilities. 

Over the next five years, the market for private LTE networks will grow slowly but surely. Organisations more often opt for a private network, particularly in environments with business-critical communication where safety is key and a reliable network is essential. Flash Private Mobile Networks helps you translate your wishes and requirements into your own private LTE network. 

  • Fast access to new applications like video streaming. 
  • Optimal safety thanks to a network that is 100% reliable.

Added values 

LTE offers fast access to new applications and optimal safety due to the 100% reliability of the network. 


Organisations from various sectors benefit from the advantages offered by LTE. 

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