Issuance Registration

Are you interested in improving the organisation of the issuance and intake of equipment to employees or external parties for temporary projects (such as turnaround) and to simplify and increase the efficiency of administrative processes? If so, Issuance Registration, part of our Online Customer Portal, is the solution.

With issuance registration, you gain insight into where which equipment is located. You also place responsibility for the security of the rented equipment with the end users. This has a preventive effect: because they sign for receipt of the equipment and are aware of the costs involved, they will be more careful with the equipment. Moreover, there is no confusion or discussion if any materials are missing.

An example situation:
Customer X has a temporary project involving 53 two-way radios. As regards use, the project is subdivided into one set of 30 two-way radios, one set of 20 two-way radios and one set of 3 two-way radios. As a security measure, three issuance registrations are created. The issuances can be registered by numbers, bar codes or serial numbers, and the information can be scanned in or entered manually. Issuance Registration offers the possibility of printing or emailing the issuance forms, including the logo of customer X and the end user’s signature. 

  • Clarity and efficiency in the issuance and intake of equipment.
  • No confusion or discussion if any materials are missing, which means you can charge the related costs to the end user. 

Flash’s Full-Service Concept

We provide a customised service, meaning that you choose the components from our Full-Service Concept that suit you best at that time. In addition to Issuance Registration, our Full-Service Concept includes: 

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