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Flash Smart Eye - 24/7 camera surveillance

Flash Smart Eye - 24/7 camera surveillance
Want to protect your building site, storage area, industrial area or vacant site against theft and vandalism? Not only direct damage from burglary and vandalism but also indirect damage such as delays in your building or production process, is costing your organisation a lot of time and money. With Flash Smart Eye, we offer you 24/7 CCTV surveillance. A cost-effective solution with live remote monitoring!

What is Flash Smart Eye?

Flash Smart Eye is a full-service rental concept for 24/7 CCTV surveillance, which consists of a complete unit with a dome camera, LED lighting, battery backup and 24/7 monitoring by Trigion Alarm Service Centre.  

How does it work?

By using the latest IP cameras and the most advanced analysis software, Flash Smart Eye detects undesirable situations, and Flash Smart Eye immediately captures these in images. Based on these images, the control room operator can launch a live stream and play back on-site audio files. If necessary, a supervisor can immediately be alerted in order to check the situation on the ground.

Why Flash Smart Eye?

  • Expert advice in advance. We are aware that each situation requires a specific mobile CCTV solution with other functionalities and additional services. We offer you a customised security system.  
  • Plug & Play. Flash Smart Eye will be delivered and set up quickly. The security system will be operational right from the start.
  • Immediate and temporary deployment through our flexible rental concept.
  • High-quality hardware. Thanks to the use of high-quality IP cameras and advanced analysis software together with qualified control-room support, you may rest assured that you will not receive any false alerts.

Other applications?

Our mobile camera masts are suitable for securing construction sites, industrial areas and vacant sites, but are also increasingly used in the public domain, for instance during events or neighbourhood watch. Within the (petro)chemical and other industries, Flash Smart Eye may also be used for monitoring, for the safety of your employees.

Could this be even smarter?

Using Internet of Things (IoT), we will be able to integrate Flash Smart Eye with other systems, so that we can help make your procedures even more efficient. Consider a link with Flash Smart Control which enablesFlash Smart Eye alerts to be passed on to your security guards’ two-way radios, pagers or smartphones via the Flash Smart Control panel. Moreover, by using IoT, ‘responses’ can be triggered automatically, such as closing the gates or turning on the lights.


Organisations from various sectors are benefitting from the advantages offered by Flash Smart Eye in CCTV surveillance.

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