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Flash Smart Control - Dispatch solution and alarm

Flash Smart Control - Dispatch solution and alarm
Do you want to make your alarm process safer and more efficient? With Flash Smart Control 4, a platform that is simple and efficient to use, you can link all your essential communication systems together and control them via a single, clearly organised dashboard. A real life saver in the event of disasters, when every second counts.

Flash Smart Control 4 brings together all process information and notifications on one screen. Alarm alerts can be quickly read and emergency scenarios can be automatically activated. Using the touchscreen, pre-programmed or manual text or voice messages are sent to selected two-way radios, pagers or GSMs. This means the right people are quickly provided with the right information and guided to the right alarm location. This helps limit any damage and prevents injury (even worse). 

Also available on smartphone 

With our mobile app Flash Smart Alert, you can transmit notifications from any location you wish and maintain an overview of alarms and the status of notifications. With the Push-to-Talk function, you can reach the right (groups) of employees also remotely. 

Modular system

The control dashboard, that is also suited for use on a touchscreen, is clearly organised and intuitively categorised which makes it easy to operate. Thanks to the modular structure of Smart Control 4, you are ensured of a system that is completely scalable and aligned with your wishes. 

Flash Smart Control 4 is dynamic, flexible and future-ready. New technologies like IoT, with sensors being connected to Smart Control 4, offer solutions in the area of motion detection, heat detection and other types of alarms. 

  • All process information and notifications together in one dashboard. 
  • Automatic processing of alarm alerts. 
  • Dispatch of voice and text messages to two-way radios, pagers or GSMs.
  • Fast and error-free operation thanks to automatic scenarios. 
  • Reach 1,000+ employees with one touch of a button.
  • Presence notifications of two-way radios, pagers and GSMs. 
  • Future-ready thanks to continual integration with new technologies. 

Related cases

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. Discover how Flash Smart Control helps our customers achieve their goals. 

Specific applications 

To supplement Flash Smart Control 4, we have developed a number of solutions for specific applications. 


Organisations from various sectors benefit from the advantages offered by Flash Smart Control 4 in the area of dispatching and alarms. 

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