Flash Smart Connect - IoT solution for M2M communication and Business Intelligence

Is a device scheduled for preventive maintenance? Is there a machine malfunction that is causing a potential production delay? With Flash Smart Connect, an innovative M2M solution, you can connect your machines and devices remotely, without human involvement. Thanks to that connection, relevant information can be sent from sensors to a clearly organised control dashboard. The Smart Connect system then processes this data into accessible information on which you can take highly targeted action.

Flash Smart Connect can collect all imaginable data from your machines and devices. Examples include humidity, temperature, energy use, vibrations, fluid levels, malfunctions, down time and location. By combining data into clearly organised information, users can react faster to malfunctions or alarms. In addition, you can accurately anticipate (periodic) maintenance and replacement of wear parts. Thanks to the deployment of Business Intelligence, Flash can provide you with insight that contributes to achieving the maximum return on your machinery, cost savings on maintenance and repairs, and safety for people and environment.

The right information with the right person

Flash Smart Connect combines various external communication systems into one integrated control system. It enables you to process machine notifications and send the right message at the right time to (groups of) people or devices. You can work more efficiently, with fewer staff with technical knowledge. Based on pre-programmed scenarios, text messages can be sent fast and error-free to two-way radios, pagers or GSMs. This can be done automatically, after receiving notification from a machine, or by manually touching a button on the control dashboard. 

Total solution for process optimisation 

With Flash Smart Connect, you have a total solution that optimises your business processes. Flash Smart Connect contains physical sensors that collect the data about your machines and devices, a wireless network over which the data is transmitted, and a platform on which all relevant information is brought together. 

  • Optimisation of your business processes based on increased insight and a clearer overview. 
  • More efficient management of your machine park, with fewer staff. 
  • Lower costs through optimisation of preventive maintenance. 
  • Malfunctions are resolved more quickly. 
  • Combine process management with efficient communication. 
  • Easy to expand. 
  • Optional: complete local installation.