DMR - More calling capacity

Digital radio communication guarantees more efficient communication. Far greater calling capacity can be generated with the same frequency compared to an analogue network. This results in a reduction in your licence fees, which means digital radio networks are also cost-effective.

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a European standard developed as a comparable alternative to analogue radio networks, but with all the advantages of digital technology. The standard also facilitates the gradual migration from analogue to digital, making digital communication more accessible to smaller organisations. 

With a digital two-way radio, you can use two voice channels per frequency and you only need one licence. 

It is quite difficult to eavesdrop on digital radio conversations, so you can safety exchange personal information. Extra functionalities, such as encryption of conversations, priority calls, emergency calls, GPS localisation and Man-Down, make radio communication even safer than ever. 

  • Thanks to the efficient use of frequencies, there is no overburdening of the network. 
  • Less expensive because fewer licences are required. 
  • Efficient business processes thanks to improved performance and functionalities. 
  • Optimal safety thanks to GPS localisation and Man-Down. 

Related cases

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. Discover how DMR helps our customers achieve their goals. 

Added values 

DMR contributes to process optimisation, cost saving, reachability and optimal safety for your employees. 


Digital radio communication ensures more efficient communication for organisations from various sectors. Discover what we can do for your organisation. 

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