DAS - Optimal indoor coverage

With a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), all HF signals can be distributed via a single (active or passive) antenna system and the desired indoor coverage is achieved with just one system.

One integrated network for mobile telephones, two-way radios, radio-paging, C2000 and other signals, resulting in cost savings and provider independence. Traditionally, a separate network is created for each HF (High Frequency) signal in buildings and offices. Thanks to a DAS, this is no longer necessary. All possible HF signals are distributed and the desired indoor coverage is achieved via the DAS. 

Guaranteed connection in every space

In certain spaces, there may be insufficient or no coverage for your communication network, which means dropped connections. This is often the case in tunnels, underground parking garages and other buildings where the network coverage is hampered by the structural materials (e.g. concrete, steel and coated glass) or simply the location itself. Thanks to our years of accruing knowledge and experience with all types of wireless networks, we are able to provide indoor network coverage for analogue, TETRA and DMR radio networks, 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE, FM and DAB, among others. 

Flash has been providing wireless networks for years and can advise you on all the ins and outs. All possible HF signals are distributed and the desired indoor coverage is achieved via the DAS. Efficient and cost-effective! 

  • Inexpensive: one network and one supplier for all your indoor wireless communication. 
  • Always reachable thanks to a guarantee of optimal indoor coverage. 
  • Unique flexibility: the system is provider-independent and suitable for any wireless technology. 

Added values 

DAS provides added value in the area of cost saving and reachability.


DAS is suitable for organisations in various sectors. 

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