Volvo stands for safety, and Flash Private Mobile Networks contributes to this objective

It goes without saying that Volvo is one of the largest car brands in the world and one of its two main factories is located in Ghent. Since 1965 Volvo Car Gent has been producing over 200,000 cars per year, thus supplying a large part of the worldwide market.

Ruben Vandenheede, ICT and Facility Manager at Volvo: “Teamwork forms the foundation of production. The mechanics work in teams of around twelve people. Each team has a coach who maintains an overview of the most important aspects of the job. It is important that the coach can communicate with his or her team at all times to prevent unsafe situations or errors.”

Safety first

Vandenheede adds: “Safety is the guiding principle in everything manufactured at Volvo Car Ghent. Safety is not just about the vehicle or driving, but also involves our production staff. Working with machines and heavy parts is risky. We therefore ensure that the conditions are as optimal as possible.”

One of those conditions is good communication. In the factory, safety services such as the fire service, security, and medical services use radio communications to keep in touch with each other. Considerable distances must be covered; for example, the location where the cars are parked is four kilometres from the factory. In order to quickly ‘switch gears’, radio communication is very important. 

From analogue to digital

Volvo Car Ghent’s old analogue communications system did not always adequately guarantee good reception between different sites. The switch to digital communication ensures better reception and saves on licensing fees.

Added value

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. We guarantee Volvo 24/7 accessibility and with that, optimal safety.

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