TOTAL opts for a future-proof radio communications partnership

TOTAL is a multinational with over 100,000 employees and companies in more than 130 countries. Together with its subsidiaries and sister companies, TOTAL ranks as the fourth largest international oil and gas company in the world.

With over 1,300 users in 70 groups and with 60,000 calls a day, radio communication has become an integral part of TOTAL’s largest refinery in Antwerp. In order to make their equipment future-proof and because of the rising costs for maintaining analogue equipment, TOTAL switched to digital.

Flash Private Mobile Networks installed a TetraFlex® solution from its partner DAMM, supplemented with functionalities developed in-house such as priority calls, logging, dispatching and an online management tool. In addition, Flash provides a 24/7 service. 

One distinctive aspect of the cooperation between TOTAL and Flash is the use of the online service management tool, which gives Flash remote access to the DAMM TetraFlex® system. If a malfunction occurs, it is reported to Flash without the need for human intervention. This means the Flash engineers can be on-site more quickly to resolve the malfunction. 

In addition, TOTAL is using the online customer portal as an asset management tool. By continuously monitoring the system’s status, any need to increase or adjust the scale of the communications fleet can be more quickly anticipated. This lowers operational costs. 

Rene de Backer, Coordinator Network, Telecommunication and Access Control at TOTAL: “Our operating costs have been permanently reduced thanks to more efficient management of our equipment via the Online Client Portal. By using this shared portal, we can make better predictions and recognise malfunction trends early on.”

TOTAL is assured of future-proof, mission-critical communications thanks to the combination of the DAMM TetraFlex® system and its partnership with Flash Private Mobile Networks. 

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