Safety is a key priority at Essent

As an energy supplier, Essent serves both consumers and companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Essent is the largest producer of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. Safety is a key priority for the energy supplier: both at production locations and office buildings. To ensure good communication between emergency response crew members and security staff, Essent works with Flash Private Mobile Networks.

Oscar van Os, head of the emergency response team, explains why Essent switched to the MOTOTRBO system of Flash Private Mobile Networks. “There was a great need for multiple user groups, who could also communicate simultaneously. MOTOTRBO can accomplish this. This mainly applies to our security staff and emergency response crew members. They use two-way radios for providing assistance and during emergency situations, enabling different procedures to be carried out the right way.”

Rental service makes life easier

Essent rents the system from Flash over a long term. “We opted for a rental concept, because there is a requirement of continuity for the system and peripherals. With the Flash service, our equipment is always operational, because they replace it in the event of defects and keep careful track of all these changes.”

Added value

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. We offer Essent optimal safety and handle all their concerns. 

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