DSM can excel, thanks to clear communication internally and with Flash

DSM started as a government enterprise in 1900 and has since grown into a versatile and progressive multinational in the area of life sciences. The company is currently focusing its efforts on cost-efficient health care, healthy food and new materials that perform faster and better.

For a multinational with over ten locations and factories across the Netherlands, maintenance is no easy task. Continuity is vital, and no factory is the same. Good collaboration, especially during a turnaround, is extremely important. And effective communication forms the foundation of good collaboration. 

In order to guarantee good collaboration, and hence safety, radio communication is used. According to Dave van Wissen and Stefan Krul, Maintenance Field Planners at DSM Dyneema: “We chose Flash Private Mobile Networks as our radio communications partner, because they understand us. They are flexible and communicate in an open way.”

Preferred partner

“For the 10KV turnaround, which is carried out once every ten years, we were looking for additional equipment that could be used in combination with our regular equipment. Despite the fact that our existing equipment had come from Flash too, we went into the discussion with an open mind. Once again, we chose Flash as our preferred partner.”

“The collaboration with Flash went very well indeed, not only during the implementation process, but also after it was complete. The big picture was very good. This inspires confidence and ultimately yields a better end result,” according to Dave van Wissen and Stefan Krul. 

Good communication is essential 

“Good communication is vital in an organisation like DSM Dyneema. Not only during the production process or a turnaround, but also in conversations with partners or suppliers. Thanks to this communication, we are able to guarantee safety and excel at what we do.”

Added value

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. We offer DSM optimal safety and handle all their concerns. 

Relevant technologies and services

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