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Optimal safety of employees and operational processes at Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company was founded 117 years ago and has grown to become one of the largest international chemical companies. Dow combines the strength of science and technology to improve things that are essential to human progress. The company links chemistry and innovation with the principles of sustainability. In doing so, it tackles many of the world’s most pressing problems such as the need for clean drinking water, energy saving, sustainable energy generation and improved agricultural productivity. Dow is active in 180 countries and has 58,000 employees (2,100 in the Benelux). Dow products are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial goods.

Dow Terneuzen has become the second largest Dow production site worldwide. The employees at this location communicated via an analogue radio system. Because this system was nearing the end of its life, and the safety of its employees is a top priority, Dow Chemical went in search of a new network that was specifically designed to protect its employees. 

Safe working environment 

As is the case at other Dow locations, Terneuzen is an industrial environment where chemical fumes increase the risk of explosion, where there is constant noise and where the staff work in the vicinity of heavy machinery. In order to guarantee a safe working environment at these locations, the project team in Terneuzen collaborated with Motorola Solutions and its local partner Flash Private Mobile Networks. These parties worked together to install the new Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) network. This network provides reliability, safety and audio performances aimed at optimising the work processes and better protect the users. 

Mission-critical communication ensured

The users can conduct direct, clear conversations on an extremely reliable network anywhere at the location, including areas where chemical fumes are present, thanks to the ATEX certificate on their radios. And because the employees can carry their radios at all times, mission-critical communication is always assured. In the unfortunate event that an incident occurs, the system provides a platform for emergency services to respond in an effective way.

Efficient cooperation 

This innovative and reliable method of communication helps dispatchers and managers to ensure that processes run smoothly at this busy production location and to guarantee the safety of staff. There are 114 talk groups set up on the network, so individual teams can work together in an efficient way. In addition, the availability of individual calls guarantees that the teams can work together efficiently and report to the dispatchers as soon as they have completed their tasks. 

The combination of the TETRA network, the online monitoring of the system and the direct support of Flash Private Mobile Networks in the event of a problem ensures that Dow Chemical benefits from an optimised network to guarantee safe operation of the production site in Terneuzen.

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