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Maintaining an overview and safety at the Designer Outlet Roermond

Part of the McArthurGlen Group, Designer Outlet Roermond consists of cafés, restaurants and over 150 boutiques that attract over 4 million visitors per year. Good mutual accessibility between management and security is therefore key.

Judith Boonen, Facility Manager at Designer Outlet Roermond, discusses the importance of accessibility: “Because we are dealing with crowds, it is sometimes difficult to maintain an overview. We see more as a group, so it is important that everyone remains in contact, so we can prevent accidents.”

One less concern

Boonen: “Flash Private Mobile Networks advised us to use a paging system for the emergency response team. The pagers must be completely reliable, so our response team can arrive on the scene quickly in the event of a disaster. Thanks to Flash’s rental concept, we are assured that all our equipment is checked in advance and that the batteries are in good condition. That is one less concern.”

Greater range

The management, security staff and cleaning crew communicate via two-way radios. “This makes it easier for us to keep track of the shoppers and each other. We were using analogue two-way radios, but the range was inadequate.” This prompted Designer Outlet Roermond to migrate to a digital system. “Flash advised MOTOTRBO two-way radios, because they are ideal for the switch to digital communication.” Designer Outlet Roermond benefits from two channels per frequency and twice the capacity of an analogue system. 

Added value

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. We guarantee Designer Outlet Roermond 24/7 accessibility and with that, optimal safety. 

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