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Complete hands-off roll-out of new two-way radios for Rotterdam's Supervision & Enforcement

One of the council clusters in Rotterdam is the Urban Management cluster.To carry out their work and for their personal safety, staff at the Supervision & Enforcement Department within this cluster depend on their two-way radios connected to a central control room.

Rotterdam City Council has a mission-critical TETRA radio network at its disposal to connect with enforcement units.Flash has programmed and delivered 800 radios in full operational lease to be deployed on this network for the next 5 years.

Rotterdam Council wanted to be relieved from involvement as much as possible in the implementation phase, as well as the roll-out and management phases.

Flash Forward training platform

To ensure the Supervision & Enforcement staff's safe and efficient use of the new radios, they have received a personal login to the Flash Forward knowledge and training platform.The enforcement units were given access to customised training in the form of animations and test questions with which they had to obtain a certificate before starting the roll-out of their new radios.

Flash Online Customer Portal
Flash has set up and explained the Online Customer Portal to the Rotterdam Council staff.In the Online Customer Portal, the Council can easily place repeat orders, create and track service requests and consult documents.

Distribution to staff

Over a period of 3 days at four Rotterdam Council locations, Flash distributed the new radios to the Supervision & Enforcement staff.

After distribution of the radios, Rotterdam Council's Resources Manager declared: "We have never before experienced such service from a supplier.Brainstorming, anticipation of modifications and the accessibility and deployment of Flash employees in training, setting up the management environment and delivery; this has been a really positive experience."

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