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Belgian bobsleigh team goes for gold with Flash

The Belgian bobsleigh team took part in the Olympic Games in Sochi. An impressive achievement for a country not known for winter sports. Still, Belgium was represented in the women’s two-person bobsleigh event. For years, Elfje Willemsen and Hanna Mariën were a fixed presence in the world cup circuit. With such professionals, any talk of a fluke has long since been laid to rest.

Top-level sports require guaranteed communication and with a course extending 1.5 kilometres, radio communication is the ideal means of communication. Flash Private Mobile Networks was asked to use its knowledge and knowhow to ensure optimal functioning of the two-way radios. 

Quick interaction 

Hollevoet, chairman of the Belgian federation for bobsleighing and skeleton [Belgische Federatie voor Bobslee en Skeleton]: “Bobsleighing is a team sport. The athletes steer while the coach and technical staff watch. They must be able to effortlessly interact to discuss tactics for the next turn or descent, which also means the athletes expend a lot less energy. A bobsleigh course is over a kilometre long and it ‘only’ takes a minute for the team to reach the bottom. Getting back up is another story and taking a few minutes to consult is not efficient.”

Hollevoet continues: “The mechanic uses a two-way radio as well, so we can agree what to do with the sleigh after the run. Sometimes a part needs to be replaced or other maintenance is required. Radio communication enables us to know immediately where the sleigh needs to go and where we can collect another one.” 

Optimal performances

In conclusion: “For us, ease of use and optimal performance come first. We have to be able to communicate quickly and easily. During the competition, we do not use two-way radios, but during training they are used intensively. We want to maintain contact during and after the run, so like us, the two-way radios must be in perfect shape.”

The Belgian team uses Motorola two-way radios that Flash maintains and programmes for each world cup. 

Added value

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. We guarantee the Belgian bobsleigh team fast access and to handle all their concerns.

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