Altrad Balliauw

Safety assurance is the number one priority for Altrad Balliauw

Over the course of 36 years, the Altrad Balliauw Group has become a key player in the scaffolding construction, insulation and asbestos removal market for the construction industry. The company not only provides its clientele in the Netherlands and Belgium with construction materials and machines, but above all service.

Patrick Driesen, responsible for logistics: “We work on various large industrial sites in Belgium and the Netherlands. On many of these sites, hazardous substances are manufactured. Communication is a key part of safety assurance, which is the number one priority for our company. That is why we use ATEX two-way radios. When our employees leave for a project, they are equipped with all the materials they need from the warehouse.”

Flash makes life easier

Concerning the choice for a rental contract with Flash, Driesen says: “We often need equipment for short periods of time, because the jobs we are hired to do never last more than a couple of months. So it is cheaper for us to rent from Flash. Because of the service Flash provides to its rental clients, we do not have to worry about a thing. If something breaks down, it is either repaired immediately or replaced. That way, we are always connected.”

Added value

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. We guarantee Altrad Balliauw optimal safety and will handle all their concerns.

Relevant technologies and services

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