Motorola DP4600e / DP4601e radio

The Motorola DP4600e / DP4601e delivers unparalleled voice, data and audio communication, with intelligent, adjustable voice announcement of functions and channels.

This model is one of Motorola’s Next Generation DMR radios with improved audio, a wider range, longer usage time, higher IP rating and an energy-saving Bluetooth version 4.0 for data and audio transmission. 

Key features of the Motorola DP4600e / DP4601e:

  • Emergency button to enable fast response to incidents.
  • 1,000 channels. 
  • 5 programmable buttons. 
  • Dust- and moisture-proof in accordance with IP57.
  • Shock and vibration resistant in accordance with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G. 
Motorola  Dp4600e 4601e Afb1
Motorola  Dp4600e 4601e Afb2