With the Kolibri dispatch application, you can organise, create and monitor your group discussions. The application enables you to optimally integrate your business processes and communications, such as directly transferring a message from a factory employee to the (closest) technician.

Kolibri offers every user a customised solution. You are free in the choice of your input; the system can take on the management of nearly all communication technology. Moreover, the interface can be completely adjusted to your wishes.

Kolibri can be constructed modularly using the following modules: 


With KoliDispatch, you can organise and manage your communication at one central point. You can get a clear overview of your groups, directly participate in discussions and transmit notifications from one group to another group or person. It is clearly organised and simple.


A graphic representation of your communication tools using GPS, enabling you to see where your employees are located when they send a message or issue a notification.


A combination of KoliDispatch and KoliTrack in a fully integrated solution.


Kolibri is suitable for use in various industries.

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