Kenwood NX-700/800E mobile two-way radio

The NX-700/800E mobile radios are suited for built-in systems and vehicles, but can also be used as fixed mobile radios in control rooms.

The Kenwood NX700/800E has a menu keypad for conventional use. An integrated GPS receiver can be used for location determination. 

Key features of the Kenwood NX700/800E radios: 

  • Dust- and moisture-proof in accordance with IP54 / IP55.
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F-certified. 
  • Optional: GPS for location determination.
Kenwood Nx 700 800 E Afb1
Kenwood Nx 700 800 E Afb2
Kenwood Nx 700 800 E Afb3