Hytera DWS dispatcher system

DWS (Dispatch WorkStation) is a dispatcher solution that was specially developed for the Hytera ACCESSNET®-T IP TETRA radio system and DMR Trunking DMR radio bundle system. The software’s versatile integration of voice, message and location services enable you to professionally operate networks of any size.

The Dispatch WorkStation (DWS) application ensures efficient control of participants in the radio system. Dispatchers can be used as logistic and help centres to manage and control participants in a radio conference or they work as a centre for controlling alarm functions. The dispatcher controls the deployment of vehicle fleets, groups and radio conference participants in the radio system and makes it easier to manage participants’ communication. 

Key features of the Hytera DWS dispatcher system: 

  • All functions in a single user interface. 
  • Adjustability of the interface to customer-specific requirements. 
  • Scalability of the software for small radio systems through supra-regional, large radio solutions. 
  • Fast operation thanks to touch optimisation and modern WPF framework. 
  • Extremely good failure security through redundant servers, databases and system connection. 
  • Extremely flexible provisioning due to IP structure. 
Hytera  Dws Afb1
Hytera  Dws Afb2
Hytera  Dws Afb3