Hytera DMR

Hytera offers various solutions based on DMR technology, enabling organisations to construct their system in phases and expand to multi-site trunking solutions.

DMR Tier I & II is based on DMR technology and makes use of the TDMA technique (Time division multiple access), which means the system offers two channels per frequency and the user has twice the capacity compared with an analogue system. 

Phased system construction 

Using the many advantages of digital radio communication (including twice the number of channels on the same frequency, GPS and data application connections and communication that cannot be tapped), the Hytera range can be added to your existing two-way radios in phases. The Hytera radios initially operate using an analogue signal and can be converted to digital once all units have been replaced.

The option to purchase or rent the new digital Hytera range in phases means you do not have to replace your equipment all at once – you can do so step-by-step.


The use of XPT creates a semi-trunking system whereby the system assigns a channel based on availability. XPT enables several radios to use the same resources so you need fewer frequencies. 


With DMR Tier III, you can upgrade your network to a 100% trunking system with an unlimited number of locations and users. This solution grows along with your organisation and can meet changing needs in the area of communication. Powerful management tools give you complete control over the system – from a single console. And by using the ETSI DMR Tier III standard, you are assured that you’re investing in an open standard technology with global support. 


The Hytera solutions are exceptionally suited to expanding the geographic scope of operation. Communication between geographically diverse locations in a city, work area or between countries can be easily set up by connecting several sites to one another via IP. All the above-described solutions from Hytera can be applied on a multisite basis.