In addition to using radios, organisations may wish to deploy other devices for mission-critical communications such as a smartphone combined with an app that also enables you to communicate at the touch of a button. Depending on the app, you can connect to your home network or the nationwide mobile network.

This means you can always: 

  • Easily make contact via your smartphone. 
  • Rely on the availability of the (national) network. 
  • Communicate securely. 
  • Transmit and receive to/from own users only.

Encrypted voice via the app

The GroupTalk app is best suited to users who do not have their own radio infrastructure, but who do have a (temporary) need to communicate in groups, such as when organising an event. GroupTalk is suitable for both Android and iOS smartphones and is also available in a version where you can log in via a PC. So you too can join a discussion from your office with colleagues on the shop floor.

Help with implementation 

Flash Private Mobile Networks guides you in implementing this innovative, radio-based form of communication. Whether you are seeking a solution for one day or an extended period, Flash offers the option to lease or purchase this service.

Related cases

It is always our goal to add value for our customers. Discover how GroupTalk helps our customers achieve their goals. 


Group Talk, the mobile application that allows users to easily communicate with each other in groups, can provide added value for organizations from various industries.

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