Flash Private Mobile Networks recently expanded its portfolio to include the complete line of (mobile) communication equipment and networks from Hytera. Flash is now an officially Certified System Partner of Hytera Mobilfunk in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

The cooperation is aligned with Flash’s new strategy, which involves looking beyond traditional voice and data communication. A stable Private Mobile Network is key. Flash develops, maintains and manages these networks. Flash fully integrates developments such as Machine-to-Machine communication, the Internet of Things and Business Intelligence. Where appropriate, we integrate or develop existing technologies and systems in order to enhance the efficiency and safety of the customer’s business processes.

Thanks to the cooperation with Hytera, Flash is even better positioned to respond to the needs and developments of its clientele and to translate these into functional and customer-oriented solutions. 


Hytera is global market leader in the area of professional wireless communications equipment, with three locations in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Germany, three R&D centres and more than 36 offices and 4,000 partners worldwide. Since its founding in 1993 in Shenzhen, Hytera has been progressive in the development and expansion of products and solutions in the area of TETRA and DMR systems. In recent years, Hytera has been very active in the continued development of the latest technologies (M-t-M, IoT) in (private) networks and the associated communication equipment. 

In the development of its digital radio communication solutions, Hytera uses advanced technologies and puts reliability and quality front and centre. The organisation offers complete and tailor-made communication solutions and has a significant market share in China’s government, public safety, utilities, transport, industry and many other markets. 

In order to provide solutions that are always focused on technological progress, each year Hytera invests over 10% of its turnover in R&D. By embracing the digital age within the industry sector, Hytera has developed a product series that complies with the applicable TETRA, DMR and PDT standards. The organisation plays an important role in the future of digital communication around the world. 

Would you like to know more? Have a look at www.hytera-mobifunk.nl