Beeld Flash Experience 2020
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Connected at the push of a button

Flash Smart Com is ideal for organisations that need guaranteed communication during an event, with instant connection at the touch of a button.

From ensuring staff safety in emergencies to assisting traffic controllers in keeping traffic flowing, a guaranteed instant connection is a prerequisite for managing risks. 

Voice & data communication

Flash Smart Com gives users the assurance of being connected at all times at local, regional and national level. They get access to a secure part of the T-Mobile network, with priority and guaranteed availability. 

Reference: LatinVillage

To guarantee the safety of visitors, all security, traffic controllers, bus drivers and festival staff at LatinVillage were provided with priority communication on 4G. Read more. 

Fast and secure payment

In addition to reliable voice & data communication, the Smart Com solution can also be used for pin payments. This makes pin failures due to an overloaded network, a thing of the past. 

Would you like the inflow and outflow of thousands of visitors to run smoothly thanks to Flash Smart Com? Then please give us a call on +31 (0) 181 25 00 25. We look forward to helping you.