Innovation and co-creation

Flash Private Mobile Networks is continually innovating and prefers to do this in consultation with its customers and business partners. Through innovation sessions, new technologies and applications are connected, tested and further developed to create a new solution. Doing this in co-creation with customers and partners leads to a process in which all involved contribute their expertise and ideas about the solution under development. In this way, Flash works in a very targeted way on innovation and the expansion of its portfolio, with the certainty that it fits seamlessly with the wishes of its customers.

Online Customer Portal

One example of co-creation with our customers is the development of the Flash Online Customer Portal. The functionalities and menu options were integrated, tested and completed based on specific customer needs. Gradually, the portal continues to be further developed. The more users who join, including from other market segments, the more applications and needs are provided that are valuable to our customers for use within the portal. 

Business Intelligence

Another example of co-creation is the application of business intelligence; a continual process for organisations to collect, register and analyse data in a targeted way, and apply the resulting information and knowledge in decision-making processes to improve the organisation’s performance. Our customers know what information they want, Flash knows what is required to get it and pools this data, presenting it in a clear report. We have several examples of this, including a customised Last-Seen report of a fleet of 600 ATEX two-way radios, including service history per two-way radio, its current location and a map of the site. The customer uses this report to better manage his costly assets and extend their life cycle.