Core values are important in creating our identity and our positioning. Our core values are incorporated into our services, our behaviour and our communication. Our core values clarify how we distinguish ourselves and shape how we work. They inspire our customers to appreciate what we do and to choose us. They constitute the DNA of our organisation.


As a stable organisation we offer our customers assurance in various ways. 

Expert in our field
We have the expertise in house to provide our customers with good advice and smart, reliable solutions.

Secure operations
Our solutions concern (radio) communication systems that always work, thereby ensuring the security of our customers’ operations. We have a large rental fleet, which means constant availability to meet ad hoc capacity issues.

Proven technology
The fact that we work with proven technology, namely A-brand equipment and networks as well as high-quality partners, contributes to our status as a reliable partner in radio communications.

High level of service
Our high level of service also contributes to the security we offer our customers. We are steadfast, loyal and service-oriented, as well as pragmatic and realistic. We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, whereby we always keep to our agreements.

Quality labels
We are financially sound and hold various quality labels. For our customers this means business risks are avoided.


We have gained significant experience in the market and have sector-specific and technical (product) knowledge. 

Years of experience
Many of our employees have years of experience and lots of technical knowledge, which we can apply in practice. Our operational organisation is strong, which means a solution can be provided for any customer problem.

Our customer portfolio and our references demonstrate that we are considered to be an experienced partner. 

Indeed, for the customer we are the specialist and expert with all the necessary experience for the development and implementation of business-critical (radio) communication systems.


We are attentive and service-oriented by nature. In short, we are clearly connected with our customers.   

Keeping up to date with developments
We aim to be connected to the world around us and therefore keep up to date with trends and developments.

Strategic alliances
Connectedness with external parties can add value for us, for example by stimulating co-creation. We further our development by entering into strategic alliances. 

Consultant role
This means that we become more of an equal (business) partner and consultant to the customer than a supplier. The customer can come to us for targeted customised solutions, even for those that fall outside the realm of radio communication. 


By keeping track of innovations, potentially developing them (at a customer´s request) and ensuring their efficient operationalisation, we can effectively anticipate important developments.   

Knowledge management
In order to be inventive, knowledge and expertise must be secured. Within this context, knowledge management is important.  

Technologic innovations
We must develop new products, applications and services which are based and capitalise on technological innovations in the market. To achieve this, we take on the role of pragmatic knowledge holder, we invest in software and programming options and we actively stimulate inventiveness (creativity and inquisitiveness).


Our service- and customer-oriented attitude makes us an attentive partner in radio communication. 

Recognising customer needs
By combining our service- and customer-oriented attitude with alertness to developments and changes in the market and among customers, and by thinking and acting from various user perspectives, we can recognise risks and opportunities at an early stage, as well as offer proactive and integrated solutions. In order to fulfil the role of consultant and advisor, it is essential to recognise customer needs and provide customised solutions. 

Optimised relationship management
By optimising relationship management and developing a customer life cycle, we can become more attentive in the sales system and take advantage of opportunities and changes, such as in the area of contract management. Communication aimed at people and organisations is a suitable tool with which to achieve this aim. 

As an attentive partner, we strive to develop solutions that proactively contribute to our customers’ business processes, such as products that issue alerts.