Transport En Logistiek

Transport and Logistics

A logistics process is as fast as its slowest component. It is therefore important to be able to respond as quickly as possible to faults and other problems. Flash’s communication systems ensure that communications between your employees is flawless.

In recent years, mobile communication is increasingly used in the transport and logistics sector for such activities as containers that are unloaded by self-propelled carts, remote-controlled cranes that offload ships and baggage handling at the airport. To avoid faults in these critical business processes, companies prefer to use private networks. This is not only what we have seen in our own experiences, but also from exploratory research commissioned by Agentschap Telecom. 

You can also link your communication system with your process management and alarm response to create one, well-organised system. The right employees automatically receive a voice or text message if something in the process goes wrong. This avoids (further) delays. 

Relevant technologies and applications

For years, Flash has been active in the market for mission-critical mobile communication for the transport and logistics sector. We have gained considerable knowledge of the technologies available and your needs.

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Related cases

Various organisations in the transport and logistics sector rely on Flash Private Mobile Networks. Discover your predecessors. 

Relevant services

Over the past 20 years, we have gained considerable knowledge of the needs of our clients. Not only in the area of technology, but also in our service provision. We offer you tailored services. 

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