Financial institutions often have their own emergency response team communication network. Setting up a network like this can pose significant challenges. Indeed, coverage must be guaranteed even in a high office building with concrete walls, steel structures and floors full of office furniture.

Flash Private Mobile Networks offers two-way radio and pager systems that enable your communication via voice or text messaging to run perfectly smoothly under any circumstances. Moreover, all two-way radios and pagers can be monitored via a single dashboard. Alarm alerts are received centrally, pre-programmed text or voice messages can be sent to specific user groups and registration is made of which emergency assistance crew members are operational. Flash’s mobile communication solutions offer solutions in the event of disasters, when every second counts. 

Relevant technologies and applications

For years, Flash has been active in the market for mission-critical mobile communication for emergency response teams. Through the years, we have gained considerable knowledge of the technologies available and your needs. 

Relevant services

Over the past 20 years, we have gained considerable knowledge of the needs of our clients. Not only in the area of technology, but also in our service provision. We offer you tailored services. 

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