Bouw En Installatie

Construction and installation

If there are two sectors where good communication can make the difference between success and an accident, it is industry and construction. Flash Private Mobile Networks offers solid communication equipment that provides a fast, crystal-clear and interference-free connection between your employees. From waterproof to explosion-proof two-way radios.

We also offer the possibility of integrating the communication system with existing alarm systems to create one well-organised and user-friendly system with a Man-Down or No-Move alarm, security and emergency response team. 

Relevant technologies and applications

For over 20 years, Flash has been active in the market for business-critical mobile communication for the construction and installation sector. Through the years, we have gained considerable knowledge of the technologies available and your needs. 

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Related cases

Various organisations in the construction and installation sector rely on Flash Private Mobile Networks. Discover your predecessors. 

Relevant services

Over the past 20 years, we have gained considerable knowledge of the needs of our clients. Not only in the area of technology, but also in our service provision. We offer you tailored services. 

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