Optimal safety

Because today’s security threats are increasingly sophisticated, you not only need the certainty of a watertight system that secures sensitive information, but you want to achieve the highest level of safety for your employees.

Thanks to a combination of authentication and encryption techniques, your sensitive information can be protected. Our networks have different degrees of protection, enabling us to provide good protection against sharing and inception of information. 

Protection of employees

Extra functionalities like Man-Down, the SOS emergency button, GPS localisation and Lone Worker Protection offer your employees even more safety than in the past. This can be of vital importance when employees need immediate help from colleagues. By pressing the SOS button on a handset, colleagues are alerted to the call for help, while the system automatically sends them location information. 

Reliable communication thanks to smart technologies

Accidents happen when communication breaks down, such as when instructions are misunderstood, reporting is delayed or a request for assistance fails. The quality of the sound and reliability of the signal can make the difference between the safe execution of a task or a dangerous incident. The smart communication solutions of Flash enable users to work under safe conditions with confidence. 

Safety training

Excellent cooperation and an optimal integration of all processes create a safe situation. That is why we also offer extensive options to train and advise your employees in the area of safety.

Related cases

We guarantee that our mobile communication solutions contribute to optimal safety.