Diergaarde Blijdorp Nieuwsbericht

Partner Event

23 March 2017 Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam
On Thursday 23 March 2017, we invite you to a superb location, Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo, to take part in the 5th Edition of the Partner Event. An anniversary!

The way the animals in Diergaarde Blijdorp communicate, understanding and comprehending each other, is of the essence. Flash, too, regards communication in this way. It does not matter with which device, through which network, from which location and under what circumstances you want to communicate with each other. We ensure that you can communicate with each other. We listen attentively to our customers and partners, try to think from your perspective and translate your wishes into customer-oriented solutions. The Art of Understanding.

During the Partner Event on 23 March, with a Smart Zoo theme, we will be pleased to let you see what we have achieved in the past year by carefully listening to you. For example, in the field of the Internet of Things, Business Intelligence and E-learning! We also invite you, on the basis of objectives, to discuss with us and with each other new developments in business and mission-critical communications.

In a Smart Zoo, those who survive are those who can best adapt to their environment. Organisations need to embrace technological developments in order to survive. New technologies contribute to more efficient, better quality and more secure processes. 

Together with our partners, we’ll inform you of the latest techniques, which you can of course try out, hands-on. We also offer you the opportunity of joining a tour of the Zoo and our farewell drinks.

The programme:

Register and freshen up with a cup of coffee. 

A formal Welcome!
By Adrie van Kampen, Sales Director

Flash develops: Together we achieve more.
By Wim Stam, Business Development Manager

Case Study: Diergaarde Blijdorp becomes Smart Zoo.
By Ann Lampo (Department Head, Shared Service Centre, Diergaarde Blijdorp) and Wim Stam, Business Development Manager

Industry 4.0: The growing role of communication. 
By Rens Noordeman, Business Consultant, Sander Borst (Managing Director, Ecom) and Willem Verloop (Director, 88degrees)

Introduction of Flash Forward: E-learning makes you Smart.
By Marjolein Graauw, Marketing Manager

Feeding Time: Buffet Lunch!

Objectives: Developments in critical communications.

Break-out sessions: Discussions in smaller herds.

Plenary summary.

A formal: Farewell! Thank you for coming!
By Adrie van Kampen, Sales Director

Tour of Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo.

Feeding Time: Drinks!

The break-out sessions

Between 13.30 and 14.30, you can take part in two break-out sessions. 

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For the first session (13.30-14.00), you can choose from:

1. Industry 4.0
Internet of Things is a phenomenon within the industry, the impact of which is far greater than initially thought. It provides some hefty challenges. How far are you willing to go and what are meaningful applications that deliver real added value and cost-effectiveness for your organisation?

2. Communication: from business enabler to business driver
The complexity and role of communication are expanding and developing from business enabler to business driver. How do you deal with that complexity and the increase in sets and applications per employee, without security becoming an issue?

For the second session (14.00-14.30), you can choose from:

1. Working with apps & digitisation
The efficiency of work processes is increased by collecting and sharing data using enterprise apps on smart devices. This not only saves time, but it also increases the productivity and security of mobile staff. But does working on the move also mean a paperless future? And is that desirable in your organisation? 

2. Act quickly and appropriately in emergency situations
During an emergency you want to be able to act quickly. Alarms should immediately be followed through, the emergency team should be informed and evacuation needs to take place. At the same time, you want have an overview. You want to know immediately who is where. You need to be well prepared in order to provide help quickly. In your organisation, is this a mere walk in the park? Or could it be improved?

The Partner Event 2017 has a maximum capacity of 120 delegates, so sign up fast!